Meet Marwood: Jobbing journeyman magician in present-day London.

He can’t throw fireballs. Doesn’t get around on a broom. He doesn’t have a cool scar on his forehead.

But when he’s not getting hassle from master alchemists and artificers or drowning his sorrows as a result, you might just find him doing what he can to sort out the crap overlooked by the big city’s Worshipful Company of Magicians.


Regarding profanity, violence and scenes of a sexual nature, please note:

  1. Wizards are as foul mouthed as the average Londoner;

  2. The playing out of violence is perhaps less frequent in magical society than might be imagined (but does happen); and finally…

  3. If there were some gratuitous sex to be going on it’s not happening on a regular basis to Marwood (but he really would be game if he had any say in it).


You may now continue to:

  • A GOBLIN MARKET IN SOHO - Wherein we meet Marwood on the trail of a gay Irish ballet dancer at risk of kidnap by something otherworldly… (okay, goblins).

  • BAD FAITH, UNCIVIL SOCIETY – In which a trip to a Slovakian coffee shop in North London sees Marwood up his neck in necromantic cultists…

  • PEOPLEWATCHING (or STORM IN A TEACUP) - All Marwood knows is that if he doesn’t spend half a day in a certain East London cafe that someone there will come to harm and bad things will happen because of it. Actually ‘knows’ is a bit strong if the track record of the mantic who divined this is anything to go by – but dark workings genuinely are afoot…


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